What Makes Cool Maps Cool?

There are an infinite number of map applications on the web these days, each with their own tools and applications to immerse the user into wherever they are looking at. However, it would be fair to say that there are some cool maps which knock the spots of others.

In many cases, these cool maps will be simply down to nature and how it has formed the world in all its glory. From stunning rock formations and mountains, to awe inspiring water scenes and vivid jungles, the world is stunning.

Mapping out these natural wonders brings them into the homes of those who are not fortunate enough for whatever reason to visit the places for themselves. However, for many, the same can be said of very man made scenes that many people get to visit every day.

For example, there are a great number of cities around the world; each with its only bustling, living, playing and working population. It is easy to dismiss the sights here, as they are so familiar. However, map them and they take on a whole different feel.

Even for residents, there is much to be said about the effect they have. At street view, it is natural to miss what is all around. Buildings are getting ever bigger of course, so unless viewing an interactive map, much of the detail is lost. With the latest applications, it is possible to get views from all angles, and that is probably the key detail when looking at what gives them their coolness.

In many ways, cool maps have revolutionized moving around this planet for everyone. Opening up sights that could never be found from regular maps of old, they allow for a realistic experience and far closer reality to that which is received when arriving in any given destination.